5 Star Performance

Bell Bros Truck

5 Star Performance

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Did you gain permission to use their audio comments from this phone call for future advertisiing?(Required)
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SC: Thank you so much for your wonderful comments with regards to your experience with our technician. We make sure these comments are read by our management and owner in our monthly team meetings, so __________ will be acknowledged and recognized for your kind words. We really appreciate it, because customer’s like yourself that call in really make our staff feel proud, and we really appreciate you allowing us to do that.

SC: On another note, your comments have been phenomenal. I would like to ask for your permission to use your audio comments from this call for our future advertising. We will only use your first name and city you live in. Would you mind giving us your permission to do so?

If Yes, proceed to ask for Video Testimonial

SC: Thank you for that, and on another note, your comments have been phenomenal. Would you be willing or interested in allowing us to record a short video of you sharing your experience with the service provided at your home? It’s a simple, short video, just being honest and in your own words sharing your experience and feelings.

If Yes: Oh thank you! We work around your schedule, and can either con to your home or record the video at our office, whichever is convenient for you. Members of our Marketing department will tape you talking about your experience. We don’t share your address or last name. It will take no more than 30 minutes of your time, and if you have a moment, I’d be grateful to get that scheduled for you while I have you on the phone. (input CF, tech 0013 Customer Service, and email Digital Marketing Manager with SO reference, date, and time of testimonial)

If No: Not a problem at all, we appreciate your great comments about our technician _____________ and will be sure to share them with the entire team. Thank you again!

If customer is looking for further clarification on Audio Comments: We record all of the calls that come into our company for training purposes for our team members. Every once in a while, the really good ones we like to post on our website. And that’s what we’re asking your permission for if you wouldn’t mind. Your comments are so great, we’d like to use them for future advertising, but we’d never do that without getting your permission first. Is that something you can give us today? If customer needs clarification as to what we use this for, don’t ask for Customer Testimonial.