Heating Maintenance

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Don’t Settle For ‘Quick & Cheap’ Heater Tune-Ups.

Our Tune-Ups Are Extremely Thorough And Will
Keep Your Unit In Tip-Top Condition.

All our technicians are vetted, background-checked, and trained to the maximum – they do the job to perfection – no need for redos.


“Surprise! You have an additional fee to pay!” You will NEVER hear those dreaded words.


For our technicians, friendliness is not just an added plus – it’s a WORK REQUIREMENT.


Why should you believe us? Because there are literally thousands of people writing why they like us – check out our Google Reviews.


Every year that you skip a heater tune-up increases your chances for more expensive repairs. A lack of maintenance can even mean having to replace your system sooner.

Getting annual heater tune-ups not only extends the life of your system, it also keeps it running more efficiently. This means you can stay warm and comfortable for less money.

  • Happy money’ guarantee – 100% happiness – or we make it right!
  • Technicians who do good deeds for ZERO money. Our technicians are friendly and caring people – who also happen to be expert heating maintenance techs
  • Have some free time and want to read more about us? Check out the thousands of Google Reviews left by our customers.


A question you should always ask yourself when looking for a heating maintenance company: Will the company be around if I have a problem down the line? If your heater continues to experience the same issue – will there be anyone around to help you with it?

This is a real issue in the HVAC industry where companies go out of business all the time. Here’s how you can feel confident that won’t happen with Service Champions:

  • We’ve been maintaining heating systems for OVER 17 YEARS
  • We are the LARGEST HVAC company in Southern California
  • We back up our workmanship and installation with real, written guarantees. Please visit our Peace of Mind Guarantees page to learn more.

How To Choose A Heating Company?

These are key questions that can help you determine whether a heating company is right for you.

EVERY one of our technicians undergoes 150 hours of training EVERY year with a master technician

Yes! In fact, we have 8 WRITTEN commitments to you. These “Peace of Mind” Guarantees are our iron-clad promises to you that we always meet or exceed expectations.

Our technicians are not only screened and background-checked, but we only hire the kind of people not only willing to do ‘Good Deeds For Free,’ but who actually WANT to do them and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others.

We realize that most homeowners’ biggest fears are when a contractor works in the home, they will make a mess and destroy their property. We can guarantee you that we will leave your home BETTER than we found it or we will pay for a cleaning service to come to your home and clean it in its entirety.

The price we quote is the price you pay. We don’t give you any ‘lovely’ surprises in the form of additional costs or expenses.


Who wouldn’t love a heater tune-up for an unbelievably low price? $49? Or even $39? That sounds great.

Here’s the issue: that price really is unbelievable. It’s not realistic to get a truly comprehensive and effective tune-up that cheap without taking shortcuts. With some of these cheaper alternatives, the “tune-up” is done in as little as 10 minutes! (What they are really doing is looking for a big, obvious problem to charge you to fix. If you don’t have one, they aren’t hanging around).

The Service Champions Heater Tune-Up is different and delivers real results:

  • A Service Champions Tune-Up is not quick – it takes around 60 – 90 minutes because we are focused on thoroughly cleaning every single part of your heater
  • We have a checklist of 18 separate operations to make sure we don’t miss a thing
  • When we are finished – you can be CERTAIN that your unit is functioning at its max


Your heating system is a complex piece of machinery that gets dirty, wears down, needs lubrication, and requires calibration. Here is a quick snapshot of what we do to refresh it:

  • Inspect – We inspect all the different parts of your heater and make sure it is operating properly
  • Clean – We thoroughly clean every part of your heater so that it’s not hampered by soil or dust
  • Tighten – We tighten and inspect all electrical wiring

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