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Clogged Or Slow Drain Ruining Your Mood? We Will Clear It For You…
Fast And Guaranteed

Trying To ‘Do It Yourself’ Can Make It Worse!

We put all our technicians through a rigorous training program. By the time they show up in your home – they can fix your drain blindfolded.


The price we tell you is the price you pay – no surprise fees EVER.


Our team is always finding those little extras we can do to keep you smiling.


Everything we say is backed up by literally thousands of online reviews left by happy customers.


The AC repair company in Sacramento & East Bay who gets it done right the first time.

When you need an air conditioning repair, you deserve on-time service, upfront pricing, and friendly technicians that you’re comfortable having in your home. At Bell Brothers, we’ve been doing exactly that for 30 years.

What if there was a way to maintain your drains that took ALL the stress and frustration off of your plate while being efficient and trustworthy? With a proven track record and the World’s Friendliest Technicians! Service Champions is the company that Southern California homeowners call for 100% reliable drain cleaning and drain maintenance. 

Sink drains, shower/tub drains, toilet drains and floor drains…If it’s a drain – we can tackle it! 

  • When you reach out to us, you are protected by our Happy Money Promise – you’re not paying unless you’re happy!
  • No stress, No mess
  • A+ rated with the BBB



The key to efficient drain cleaning and maintenance is properly trained technicians… but they also MUST have the right tools and technology.

Since we invest more resources than a typical company, we are able to equip all our trucks with the latest tools, technology and expertise. 

What this means for YOU:

  • Your drain cleaning will be done properly – our technicians are experts at what they do.
  • We care about your safety – our tools and equipment do not pose any risks to you or your family.
  • We NEVER waste time with slow and inefficient tools because all our trucks are fitted with the most up to technology.

How To Choose A Drain Company?

When looking for the right company to clear your blocked drains, make sure you ask these important questions:

Not only are they screened and background-checked, we also make sure that every one of our technicians is kind and friendly. That’s why we’re known as World’s Friendliest Technicians℠ who love to do Good Deeds For Free℠!

  • Bathroom, kitchen, laundry and washer drain cleaning
  • Blocked garbage disposals and grease traps
  • Stopped-up toilets
  • Stopped-up main sewer lines
  • Main sewer line cleanouts
  • And more – reach out to us and we’ll tell you if we can help!

Yes! We actually have eight of them. All of our guarantees are in writing with clear language and no backhanded loopholes.

We have thousands of 5-star Google Reviews left by happy customers. Check them out to see what people like about us.

The price we tell you is the price you pay. That’s a guarantee.


We don’t just want to fix a problem after the fact – we want to help you prevent problems from happening. Unfortunately, normal living clogs drains over time because of hair accumulation, soap scum, and debris build up. It is also common for foreign objects to accidentally fall down sink or shower drains.

Whatever the reason for your slow or clogged drain, it should be addressed, and Service Champions is the fast, safe, and 100% reliable solution.

Other things that frequently occur:

  • Cooking oils and greases building up in kitchen sinks
  • Flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed, including feminine hygiene products
  • Items in the garbage disposal that shouldn’t be put in there (many people don’t realize that eggshells should not go in a garbage disposal!).


There is no way to always prevent slow or clogged drains, but there are a few key things you can do to lessen your chances.

Adhere to these guidelines when using your toilet, shower, and garbage disposal to save a whole lot of frustration down the line.

  • Toilet: Use less toilet paper and don’t flush any other products down your toilet.
  • Shower: Use a hair trap in your shower and only use water-soluble bath and shower products.
  • Garbage disposal: Don’t put any non-approved items down your garbage disposal (check your manual for manufacturer recommendations).

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